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Thus, the term "Yellow Pages" was born. Donnelley, established the first classified telephone directory advertising and laid the foundation for the Yellow Pages industry. Telephone companies across the country followed Donnelley's lead and began to offset printing costs by selling advertising, but generally they devoted little effort to the task, delegating it to telephone company employees with other jobs or to the employees of their printer. It was not surprising that the ads were sold with little enthusiasm and businessmen eyed them with suspicion, regarding directory ads as just another way the local phone company was trying to bilk them.

As a result, there were few ads, few telephone customers referred to the directory for sales help, and the unimportance of the telephone directory became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Loren Berry, however, was not a man to short shrift any job. It was a successful debut for Berry, who soon traveled to Kokomo and Logansport, Indiana, and used his results at Marion as a calling card with two more telephone companies that were in need of new directories.

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Again, Berry's efforts paid off for his clients, and he decided to launch a business dedicated to the telephone directory business. In year-old Berry and his wife moved to Dayton, Ohio, centrally located in the Midwest and a town with a booming economy. His first client was the Home Telephone Company, one of two phone companies serving the community. After performing well for the customer, he was then able to sell his services to the parent company, The United States Independent Telephone Company of Columbus, Ohio, which ran 20 telephone companies in the state.

Berry was awarded the business of eight directories that had never sold advertising. In order to handle the influx of business, Berry took on a partner, a neighbor in his office building, George Craven, who had been working as a life insurance agent. The expanded operation, called Craven and Berry, was now able to solicit and win business from other Midwestern telephone companies located in larger towns like St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Louisville. New salesmen were employed and given common sense tricks to developing leads, such as read the local newspapers, jot down the names on the side of delivery trucks and wagons, and even visit the silent movie theaters to see what businesses were willing to pay to have their names projected on the screen before the show.

A turning point in Berry's history came in when the U. Although Berry lost some major customers during the shakeout, in the long run the change was good for the company. No longer did advertisers have to decide if they were going to advertise in more than one directory, and they could be assured that they would reach all telephone customers in a community and not just a fraction.

Craven's health began to falter in the early s, forcing the dissolution of Craven and Berry. Thus, in the firm took the name L. M Berry and Company. It continued to grow, as did the use of the telephone and the importance of the "Yellow Pages" for both advertisers and telephone customers. By the start of the s Berry's annual directory volume had reached one million copies, a considerable improvement over the 8, directories of The company achieved a major coup in , signing its first Bell System contract, covering the Dayton area for the Ohio Bell Telephone Company.

In that same year, the company was forced for the second time since the departure of Craven to relocate its Dayton headquarters to larger accommodations. In addition, Berry maintained offices in a number of other cities, as far away as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Tampa, Florida. A second generation of the Berry family became involved in the company in the s. Loren Berry's son, John William Berry, had learned the business while growing up, working after school, on weekends, and during his summers.

When he was 18, in , the younger Berry got his first taste of sales by heading up the directory sales campaign in Franklin, Ohio, and in the process demonstrated a great deal of potential. In just half the time as the previous year's effort, his team doubled the number of Yellow Page advertisers. John Berry did not join the company until , after earning a business administration degree at Dartmouth University in and serving a stint in the military at the end of World War II.

He quickly assumed greater levels of responsibility at Berry Company, becoming general sales manager in It was during the postwar years that the telephone became ubiquitous in the homes of average Americans, and as a consequence the Yellow Pages took on a greater importance and the fortunes of the Berry Company rose accordingly. Between the end of the war and , the Bell System installed 14 million telephones, the same number put in service during the company's first half-century. Moreover, the consumer advertising industry came of age and the Yellow Pages became part of a greater trend impacting consumers and merchants alike.

In the generation after the war, Berry expanded across the country. It added Bell customers throughout the south, as well as in New York and Wisconsin, and won the business of nearly non-Bell customers. In addition, Berry became more vertically integrated. Not only did it sell advertising, it would now be able to handle all facets of a sales campaign, plus bill the advertisers, compile the directory, print, and deliver it.

The s brought other changes to berry. John Berry became Managing Director in , then succeeded his year-old father as president in , the same year the business was incorporated. Although Loren Berry would remain involved, serving as chairman of the board, the company was under the guidance of John Berry, who during his tenure would take the business beyond the United States borders. By the start of the s the business was publishing in nine languages in 17 countries, some of which never before had a classified telephone directory.

Also of note, they were not necessarily the Yellow Pages. Stateside, in the meantime, Berry made a number of West Coast acquisitions in the s and as a result opened the first office west of the Rockies. By the early s Berry was responsible for one out of every four telephone directories published in the United States, serving more than 10, communities in 42 states.

The company also began doing business in Canada, forming L. Berry-Canada, Ltd. In , a pulp mill was built in nearby Atholville which continued to propel the population growth already being experienced. Campbellton was experiencing strong growth as the population grew at a steady rate: 3, in , 5, in , 6, in , 6, in , 9, in In , Campbellton was incorporated as a City and its population was approaching 13, At this time the construction of the J.

Van Horne Interprovincial bridge commenced which was designed to facilitate travel between Quebec and Northern New Brunswick. The Salmon Festival was inaugurated in and has been a popular annual week-long event which is enjoyed by tourists and residents alike. Campbellton's city limits were expanded in when the Richardsville area became part of the City. In , Mayor Bruce MacIntosh and Council made significant progress towards restoring the tourism industry in the area and in improving the City's waterfront.

They announced that the long-awaited "Esplanade Restigouche" development would finally move forward. This is a three phased project, that began in , that will significantly upgrade the already picturesque waterfront and further cement Campbellton's place as a tourist destination. The history of the City of Campbellton is not complete without mentioning the infamous Phantom Ship known as " Fireship of Baie des Chaleurs ". This is not frequently seen. Some believe it is a ghost ship from the Battle of the Restigouche whereas others believe it is merely caused by heat waves, reflections or hallucinations.

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Leonard in the St. Campbellton was settled by the Scottish including surrounding area like Balmoral, Glencoe, and Glenlevit. The Restigouche Caledonian Society has been in Campbellton since , the society was formed for the purpose of offering relief and assistance to distressed Scotsmen. To display the history of the city and the battle of the Restigouche, Riverside Park is home to two cannons used in the battle; one with three fleurs-de-lys on the barrel and the other with what appears to be stylized anchors.

These are French naval guns from a five gun battery erected during the battle at Battery Point on the Quebec side of the river. When the Busteed family received a land grant at Battery Point, circa , they found at least three cannons at the old battery site. One cannon was built into the fireplace of their home, called Bordeaux House, and two others were given to relatives across the river at Athol House in Atholville.

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For many years the two cannons outside Athol House were fired on ceremonial occasions. After Athol House burned, the guns lay on the riverbank until donated to the City of Campbellton in The park also features two monuments donated to the City displaying the names of local soldiers who died in battle during World War I and World War II.

The Restigouche Gallery is local gallery and functions as a centre in the cultural program of the region. It has been host to major exhibitions from the N.

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Museum on a travelling basis in hopes that the gallery will eventually join the Atlantic Provinces Art Circuit as a participatory member. The City hosts multiple annual special events which include Sno-Fest in February, [23] Salmon Fest which runs from late June to early July, [24] the Bluegrass Festival which takes place in September, [25] and the Harvest Festival in the fall. Restigouche Sam, as the statue was christened, was donated to the city to honour Campbellton's historical connection with the "salmon-rich" Restigouche River.

Several murals have also been created to beautify the city. In , Campbellton celebrated the 50th Anniversaries for both the Salmon Festival as well as its Centennial Library. The Memorial Civic Centre is the most important sporting infrastructure in the city. The complex is equipped to accommodate sporting events, entertainment, commercial functions and trade shows on a local, regional or national basis. Campbellton has an hole golf course, the Restigouche Golf Club which was founded in and overlooks the Restigouche River.

The Tigers won more championships than any other team with three titles, in , and In fact, only the Charlottetown Islanders won the cup more than once with two titles. The Tigers won the Col. Bourque Trophy as Eastern Canada Champions a record 4 times. The and teams were inducted into the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame as part of the Campbellton hockey dynasty of the s. Ouellette was a player-coach for the first title in The Tigers had a record of 49 wins, 5 losses and 1 tie during the regular season and a record of 24 wins and 1 loss in the playoffs.

The other grade schools are Lord Beaverbrook School and Campbellton Middle School for English students, however they will soon be replaced with a new Regional Anglophone School, upon which construction was supposed to commence in , but was delayed by at least one year by the provincial government in December The New Brunswick Community College CCNB has a campus in Campbellton which provides instruction in various trades, including woodworking, office administration, social services and health sciences.

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