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There are currently free websites that one can check for criminal and court records in Minnesota.

Federal Grants Provide New Court Options in Anoka County

Some states have similar free websites while others require a fee. Background Checks. Popular Searches:. Business License, Zoning, Permit. Powered By Revize Login. These records are also available for viewing at the public terminals located in the lobby of the BCA Office.

Minnesota Judicial Branch - AccessCaseRecords

To obtain a full public and private criminal histories of another person, submit a notarized Informed Consent Form with a notarized signature of the subject of the background check. Mail this to the Minnesota BCA office address listed above.

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It also responds to calls for auto accidents, traffic complaints, domestic disputes, misdemeanors, and felonies. Use this information to contact them to request incident reports from those law enforcement agencies. Minnesota law empowers the BCA to compile and regularly update a central database of all registered sex offenders in the county. Make sure to select Anoka and Minnesota from the county and state lists on the page to restrict your search to the county.

Anoka County, Minnesota Public Records

The kiosk only accepts cash and is available everyday between a. The only court in Anoka County is the District Court. It is part of the Minnesota Tenth Judicial District and is a general jurisdiction trial court with 16 judges who hear civil, criminal, probate, family, and juvenile cases. Below are the address and contact information of this court:. Court records are available for viewing at this courthouse.

What is a Minnesota Background Check?

To view unsealed records, come to the Court Administration Records Room located on the first floor and east wing of the courthouse. You can also request for plain and certified copies of court records in person at this location.

Alternatively, send a mail request to:. Make sure your request provides the following information: name of the case, file number if known , specific documents requested, and phone number where you can be reached during the day.

Finding Minnesota Public Records and Court Records

Enclose a check for copy fee with your mail request. The same fee applies for each exemplified but uncertified plain copy. The District Court hears divorce cases in Anoka County and maintains divorce records. You can request for these records just like you would for any court record. Visit the Anoka County Courthouse to request for your divorce record in person or send a mail request to the address provided above.

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You may call the courthouse to enquire about additional steps required and specific fees for divorce records.