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It also helps insurers in determining motor insurance premiums. More the kilometres on a car, the lower its overall trade-in value. In India, the average car usually does ,km per year. In general, a car that has clocked fewer kilometres on the odometer will fetch a higher value. All in all, these factors along with market trends are taken into account while calculating the worth of a used car.

How Do You Find a Car's Fair Market Value? -

With content like expert reviews, detailed specs and accurate prices, CarDekho is already the trusted platform for new car buyers. In fact, out of the 76 per cent of the population that researches online before buying a car, 90 per cent visit CarDekho.

Finding Fair Market Value for a Used Tractor

Besides a vast inventory of cars, tech-enabled innovations like Used Car Valuation tool, CarDekho constantly strives to serve used car buyers better. Please select owner. Registration year. Lets Start. Few simple details please Kilometers Driven Enter valid Kilometers. Ownership 1st 2nd 3rd 3rd Above Please select owner. Check Valuation. Used Car Valuation is a tool that takes all such variables into consideration to identify the current value of your car or if the price quoted on a used car of your choice is fair.

No, you don't have to register on the website or go through any unnecessary hassles to try the Used Car Valuation tool. You only need to enter the details of the car that you wish to evaluate. You don't have to pay a single rupee to find out the true worth of a used car on CarDekho.

Just like the valuation process, you can sell your car on CarDekho as well in a few simple steps.

The 10 best websites to quickly and easily value your car for free

Just fill in a few details of your car and the rest will be taken care of by our team. Pricing a car accurately takes some practice. If you underprice the vehicle, you will lose money when you sell it. You will also receive a lower claim payout under your insurance policy as the IDV will be lower for a total loss event such as car theft. The Used Car Valuation tool helps sellers get a fair price for their cars. For buyers, it creates a transparent sales process. It gives buyers a fair price window which they should expect to shell out, thus preventing them from being overcharged.

Moreover, if the used car is being purchased through a loan, the tool can be useful for banks and NBFCs to get a fair pricing.

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It also helps insurers in determining motor insurance premiums. Be sure to consider any other factors that can have an impact on your car. For instance, if yours uses a gas engine and fuel prices are high, you may have to sell your car for lower than you want. Carmudi offers advanced search tools to find the closest matches to your vehicle. Keep in mind that these are asking prices, and can be prone to overpricing. Let them guide in you setting the right price for your vehicle.

If you live in an area where used car dealerships abound, then consider yourself lucky, because you have a vast pool of used car pricing resources well within your reach. Visit these locations and see if they have a vehicle of similar make and model. You can then compare their prices afterward. You can sell the car as is, just be sure to reduce the price in accordance with the repairs necessary to get the car up and running.

To know how much the repairs are going to cost, take the car to a repair shop and have it estimated.

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