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She said some lights were painted and too dark for the road, the oxygen sensors were malfunctioning, and the arm bars and ball joints were worn. Bill Moser, her uncle who has worked in the automotive business for decades, said the issues were serious enough that they could have caused an accident.

She said she was angry that she drove her two daughters in a vehicle that wasn't safe. That means you can still take your car there for other work, but the station can't do the annually required emissions inspection.

That was one of the longest suspensions for a York County station in PennDOT sanctioned the station for the safety inspection it performed on the red BMW, but the department allowed the station to continue doing safety inspections. Stations typically rely on the emissions and safety inspections and subsequent repairs as a key source of income, according to Jeffrey Walter, executive director of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Pennsylvania. He said losing the ability to perform those inspections, even for a few months, can be devastating.

In York County, there were 19 separate violation incidents listed in the database. Another violation was not listed in the original database, but documents for that case were provided by PennDOT. Stations can get a variety of penalties from PennDOT: warnings; suspensions; or points instead of suspensions, if management wasn't involved in the violation and a station owner can prove he or she provided proper supervision.

If a station gets so many points, its safety or emissions inspection privileges get suspended. Of those 20 incidents, eight resulted in warnings; eight resulted in suspensions; and four resulted in points instead of suspensions.

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For some comparison, there are more than emissions inspection stations in York County, and more than safety inspection stations, PennDOT's Michael Moser said earlier this month. Much of the work that PennDOT investigators do involves going through paperwork at stations and looking for anomalies, according to Michael Moser. That's how some stations get penalized. After Lemire found out there were problems with the vehicle she purchased, she contacted her uncle, who then contacted state investigators. They took the BMW back to the station for a re-inspection in June , and it failed.

The mechanic said a right front lower control arm bushing was replaced, and he thought that would take care of the movement on the front right tire, according to the station investigation report. The mechanic said other things weren't a problem when he did the original inspection, and he said he did not notice cracks in the front brake hoses, according to the report.

A supervisor who was interviewed said he would watch over the mechanic more carefully in the future. The Lemire complaint also prompted an emissions investigation into the station, which resulted in penalties. State investigators said the red BMW improperly passed an emissions test, and that the work was done by an uncertified inspector, owner Shane Eaton.

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During a June hearing, when asked if he had taken part in other emissions inspections, Eaton said if other mechanics were busy, he would use mechanic Lonnie C. Markle's license to run the test, according to a hearing examiner's summary. Eaton was told that only a certified emissions inspector can perform emissions inspections, "and he is to have nothing to do with emission inspections. The station was penalized both for its safety and emissions work.

Vehicle inspection

PennDOT said Markle conducted a faulty safety inspection on the BMW, and the station ended up accepting seven points instead of a month total safety inspection suspension, according to May and June letters. Markle said he's been more thorough with safety inspections since the state investigation at the shop. Things do slip by you," Markle said. Eaton said he's been a mechanic his whole life, and he opened his own shop near Interstate 83 several years ago.

He has since moved to the block of Susquehanna Trail. Eaton said the shop passed the vehicle's emissions after a computerized diagnostic system gave a pass result. Eaton called that a flaw in the PennDOT system, which the department disputes. Spokesman Michael Moser said inspectors have the option of passing a vehicle that's not communicating with equipment, but that is meant to account for anomalies. Moser said stations have to document work to show legitimate efforts were made.

As for the penalty of doing work without an emissions license, Eaton said he has a problem with PennDOT telling him that he can't help with emissions inspections.

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