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2017 Sandoval county fair wild horse race

This legislation permitted designated counties to form non-profit entities for the purpose of promoting the socioeconomic environment of its members. It also created the Economic Development Administration under the U. Department of Commerce. The purpose of EDA is to provide a vehicle for the delivery of financial and technical assistance to economically depressed areas throughout the nation. Counties and incorporated municipalities provide cash and in-kind funding, which provide matching for federal funds for program administration.

Sandoval County remains a member, but is now attached for planning purposes to the Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments. Commissioner Liz Stefanics lstefanics santafecountynm. Boards and Committees. Commission Representation Commissioner Liz Stefanics lstefanics santafecountynm. In the case of construction of a home for a family member, construction would need to begin within one year of approval of the plat.

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In the event that that did not take place, The Board of County Commissioners could vacate the plat under Section Public comment at the two February meetings was contributed mostly by builders, land developers, and realtors who were opposed to the proposed changes. Also opposed were several owners of relatively small parcels of land—people whom the relaxed provisions were meant to benefit. They complained that they were being unfairly singled out in Placitas, and that the proposed changes would make small subdivisions prohibitively expensive—for both the subdivider and the consumer.

Several said that they should be allowed to consolidate their investments before the new regulations went into effect. This, of course, is exactly what the moratorium was intended to prevent. The two legislators representing most of Placitas, however, say their districts suffered the same disproportionate spending cuts as befell all Republicans contending with the Democrat governor.


Depending on the sources of funds, state money becomes available immediately, with the start of the fiscal year on July 1 and whenever bonds are sold after that. The town of Bernalillo escaped cuts entirely, according to community development director Maria Rinaldi. The veto of a quarter of his funding fell on the Bernalillo County side, he said. It's the people of my district he disassociates me from. Earlier Cravens joined the Republican legislative leadership in a news conference accusing Richardson of deciding his vetoes on partisan politics rather than the needs of the people.

Varying analyses show the governor vetoing from 8 to 15 percent of projects in Democrat districts and 21 to 33 percent in Republican ones, with particularly irksome legislators seeing the projects cut by almost half. His spending is far and above what the House and the Senate did together. Sandoval County fire marshal James Maxon said fire- and law-enforcement personnel would strictly enforce an emergency ordinance limiting open burning and fireworks throughout the county's unincorporated areas.

The fire-ban law prohibits open burning unless a permit is first obtained from Maxon's office. Included in the ban are agricultural or controlled weed burning, campfires, open cooking fires, and charcoal grills used out-of-doors. Exceptions to the ban include gas-fired grills, indoor fireplaces, and other in-home heating devices.

Updated information on fire conditions, burning restrictions, and burning permits can be obtained by contacting the Sandoval County fire marshal, Sandoval County clerk Sally Padilla draws random numbers to determine ballot positions for candidates who filed on March 21 for the June 6 primary election. Candidates in attendance picked their own numbered slips while Padilla and former Bernalillo town councilor Helen Sandoval selected the rest.

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Placitas voters, however, will have multiple choices for their commissioner in the June 6 primary election and a contested race for its state House seat, which two years ago saw only the Republican Party fielding candidates. Incumbent county commissioner David Bency, a Republican, was the only candidate to file from District 3, encompassing northern Rio Rancho. Bency served six years on the Rio Rancho City Council before being elected to a four-year term on the commission, in Division 1 magistrate judge Mary Humphrey-Chavez, a Republican, also filed for reelection without primary opposition from within her own party or a November challenge from the Democrats.

Six candidates filed on March 21 to succeed District 1 commissioner William Sapien, who is completing his second term and is not eligible for reelection. Lucero, Jean Eichberger, and Patrick G. Baca for the District 1 seat. Kwapich in the general election.

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Saxton, of Placitas. In , McCoy succeeded Representative Ron Godbey, after defeating two opponents in the primary and running unopposed in November. Incumbent representative James Roger Madalena, of Jemez Pueblo, a Democrat, filed for reelection without opposition in the primary or general elections for House District Former Sandia Pueblo governor takes on assistant general manager position at resort-casino. As Governor of the Pueblo of Sandia for the past six years, Stuwart Paisano carried out the decisions of tribal members in establishing business enterprises to ensure the health and welfare of their community for generations to come.

As of February 1, Paisano is utilizing his leadership experience in a new role as assistant general manager of operations for the Sandia Resort and Casino. Paisano reports directly to Rick Charles, chief operating officer for the establishment and assumes direct responsibility for the oversight of the resort and convention center, golf course, Green Reed Spa, food and beverage operations, facilities, and maintenance departments.

The casino is happy to have him.

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The program is a highly effective and efficient way to match needed workers for government, schools and community agencies across the county while also offering the young employees the real-life, on-the-job lessons—in addition to needed salaries—that can only be found at the work site. It helps create the memories and work standards that the youth workers will carry through their entire lives, long after the salaries are gone and forgotten.

The county commission is allocating funds so that about a hundred young adults ages fourteen to seventeen can be hired into the program this summer. But, it's an offer that won't last long. The deadline to apply is April The forms must be completed and returned to the county courthouse by the April 14 cutoff date. Students under age 16 also must provide a work permit form, available from schools throughout the county and the Department of Labor in Rio Rancho. Applicants will be reviewed and participants will be notified of selections by May Once selected, participants will be assigned jobs with Sandoval County or other government agencies.

Duties may include typing, filing and other office tasks, washing dishes at a senior center, performing lawn work or building maintenance, or working with the county's young or elderly residents.

While the work will vary, each job is important and necessary. The first workday is June 5, when participants will attend a mandatory orientation session to help employees and employers understand expectations and requirements of the program. At the end of the program, on July 28, supervisors will provide the young workers with a written job evaluation and discuss their performance with them.

The adult supervisors are key to the success of the county's program and will undergo a separate employer training and orientation session on May Supervisors are responsible for training the younger employees and providing on-the-job direction. They also need to set flexible work schedules to accommodate the youth employees during summer school, vacations, and medical appointments. The paychecks, too, are important for program participants. In past years, the summer youth workers have earmarked their salaries for college or school, clothing, or to help purchase automobiles.

But, regardless of how their wages are spent, the self-esteem, work habits, and job experiences they learn will last far longer than the money they earn. Yet the lasting value of those first jobs, as the participants in the county summer job program will learn firsthand, is the experiences and work habits that they will carry throughout their working lives.

Box 40, Bernalillo, NM Albuquerque's history is rooted in the documents that made it first an official Spanish villa and later the leading city of the Southwest. Or take a look at life in Albuquerque a hundred years ago and see how historic downtown buildings have changed through the decades? Go backward in time with the first U.

This free exhibit is open from Saturdays and Sundays. For further information, contact Karen Wentworth, at or kwent unm.