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Back to the drawing board This number has continuously called my cell phone and my husbands without speaking. I have texted this number and left messages requesting they stop and still they continue! Just rang, a. I keep getting calls every 15 minutes from this caller but they say nothing. You can hear other computers in the background. It is irritating. I would like to know who it is calling so I can report them.

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This is a total scam number--Yellow Pages scam, look it up. They have been psycho-calling our business all day and keep hanging up on me when I answer. They called and said I won sweeptakes or something and was from out of state. I was like no it cannot be because they are calling me from area code. I was no, no, no. I was suspicious so i searched the number up and the results said they were spam! Person keeps sending me porn "forward" photo's.

Texted him and asked him to stop, and he replies by sending me more unwanted porn pictures. Called him and it goes to voice mail.

Reported him to local P. I received a call from I called the above phone number and and a voice mail came on stating to leave your numeric message. My wife and I received a phone call from this specific number earlier on this afternoon and figured to post this at this site. OMGosh- they've called like 30 times in two days.

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Never leave a message. How is this not harassment? This number calls my house and all I hear is alot of backround noise. It's just a little annoying. I wish they would stop calling my house. I make partial payments and they accept them. I am also 1 month behind because of hardship and they refused a deferment. I do mine through my online banking and it's electronically transferred to their accounts so they HAVE to credit me that money.

Got a call from a guy asking for the shipping manager. He said he's with TMC and was trying to find out if we use flat bed trucks to ship our products. I don't know if he is just using that as a ploy to get the name, which is my first instinct or if he is legit. Anybody out there know what they are up to from first hand experience? Male voice had a foreign accent. Said they needed to issue me a new social security card.

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They had my name and address and phone number and asked the name of the bank where I direct deposited my social security checks and wanted me to confirm the routing number. I just got a call from this number too.

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Only a few people have it so it has to be a telemarketer. Darn I only had my Skype number for a week. Automated sales call. When you call it back, it automatically goes to a recording about some sales pitch Yes, Peaches, you're right!. There was no region code here in the U. This people keep calling me all differencet time all day never leave messages.

Just a regular old dirt bike. The best carpenters in San Diego! These Morons have called me in excess of times in the last year with the calls peaking at three in thirteen minutes. Every time they call they are instructed never to call that number again. How do you stop it???? You have to use these exact words. The address is: G.

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Money, P. Box , Canton OH, I just started getting these calls, have not answered them yet. Here is there BBB profile, not pretty!!! How can i cancel it? Or you're a funny guy. I am receiving the identical rings too nonstop!!! We are on the national do Not ring directory.

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Ive gotten 2 texts and 1 call. I have no idea who this person is. No one answer the phone when I called them back. Did not reply. The number is a timeshare, get you out of timeshare typical B. She only left a message and a reference I have no idea what this is about and to my knowlerdge I dont have any debts againt our company.

Thank you because it is important to stop these people. It is a. I did not answer because I would have verbally unleashed on the caller after a very late night up with my baby. I called them back too see who it was. Server will prioritize genes as novel candidates for the disease by closeness to the guide genes in the network. You will be able to explore the putative disease gene network with an interactive network viewer. Network-based disease annotation prediction.

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  • You may predict disease or biological process annotations for your gene s of interest. Server will prioritize annotation terms by enrichment of those transferred from all neighbor genes in the network. Step 3. Submit Guide Genes. The number of guide genes should be less than For less than 4 guide genes, ROC and within-group connectivity analyses will not be not provided. Each gene should be separated by comma, tab, white space, or new line. You can select guide genes from pre-defined gene sets.

    Select guide genes from the pre-defined gene sets Proceed Candidate Gene Prediction. Submit Query Genes.