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Reid, Chester. Washington, Horace. Timblin, Dean. Fink, Charles.

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Clagg, Rodney. Newlon, Joshua. Randle, Rico. Browning, Sharla. Daniels, Perry. Kimble, Shawn.

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White, Tyrell. Taylor, Jonathan. Rhodes, Travis. Hopkins, Michelle. Taylor, Ronald. Albu, Chase. Whitlatch, Jacob. Good, Dalton. Coombs, Thomas.

Jones, Brittany. Boyles, Virginia. Bush, George.

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Rodenbach, Keith. Wright, Bobby. Welch, Thomas. Harris, Jay. Wright, Justin. Cantrell, Jason. Tibbs, Nicole. Dudleson, Melissa. Lamb, Devyon. Mitchell, Sherman. Willis, Clyde. Rutt, David. Parks, Billy. Reese, Randy. McCoy, Shane. Jude, John. Lester, Elizabeth. Harman, Curtis. Doucette, Michael. Rhodes, Devan. Angleberger, Samantha. Wyatt, Thomas. Beebout, James. Tyler, Clifton. Rhodes, Timothy. Cain, John. Willey, Gary. White, Samuel. France, Lauren.

Jones, Barbara. Galford, Brian. Rosario, David. Lane, Ariel.

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  • Indence, Jennifer. Dunn, Heather. Roach, Tina. Dangerfield, James. Hoke, Marshall. Karickhoff, Kenneth.

    Marriages and Divorces for Aug. 12, 2016

    Mills, Brady. Hays, Betty. Young, Dannille. Ratliff, Glenna. Cogar, Dallas. Parks, Brian. Nichols, Aaron. Kimble, Richard. O'Shea, Thomas. Baker, Gordan. Hart, Bryan.

    West Virginia (DOC) Felony Records Search

    Kennedy, Lenny. Morris, John. Couch, Adam. Brown, Joshua. Ware, Travis. Evans, Khristapher. Marshall, Joshua. Harmon, Ricky. Lester, Robert. Hollowell, Derrick.

    England, Rachel. Fotiathis, Erica. Hughes, Santana. Tate, Allen. McVicker, Patrick. Russell, Stacy. Exline, Joseph. Macelwee, Kevin. Maudlin, John. Bowers, Derik.