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See the photo. The controversy, which has rocked the administration since news broke [last] week, has sparked investigations from both houses of New Jersey's Democrat-controlled state Legislature. Murphy also called his own independent investigation into how staffers handled the allegations.

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Porrino had been a relative outsider, only being brought in to the Republican governor's inner circle after Bridgegate, but quickly became a trusted adviser to Christie. He has to do something about it. Phil Murphy and state Senate President Stephen Sweeney — passing a law legalizing marijuana use for people 21 and older in New Jersey — is still the subject of painstaking private negotiations. This week, Sweeney, D-Gloucester, and Murphy, a fellow Democrat, engaged in some trans-Atlantic finger-pointing over who is responsible for the delay.

Sweeney told NJ Advance Media he still does not have the necessary 21 votes to pass the legislation in the member Senate, and some of the holdouts are members of his own party. Degnan wrote in the report released Friday. As a result, those applicants were able to secure a promise that the comptroller would not refer their cases for criminal prosecution, but they were not required to pay back all the benefits for which they were not entitled.

Read the report. A list of everything NJ looking to ban or prohibit," by NJ The state is moving ahead with plans to replace its 11, voting machines with devices that create paper ballots that voters verify and that can be manually counted in the event of irregularities. However, those new machines won't be in place on election day Nov. Election-security advocates, including Princeton and Rutgers professors, pressed committee members to upgrade New Jersey's elections infrastructure, which they said remains vulnerable to both sophisticated plots and more picayune tampering.

The partnership will focus on how to make apprenticeships a feasible career pathway, with both parties sharing best practices and work to develop apprenticeship programs.

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And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said New Jersey had one of the highest increases of such deaths in the country, up 21 percent between January and January Treatment for heroin now accounts for 45 percent of substance abuse admissions, the highest rate recorded in Department of Health data available back to It's now Gov. Phil Murphy's crisis. While he has carried on some of Christie's programs, the Democratic governor has also sharpened the state's focus with what he calls a "Moneyball" approach, using data and analytics to guide the administration's decision making.

It's too early to tell whether those efforts will pay off in the long run, but many who study addiction say change cannot come soon enough. He taught our family so much through his example and we will cherish his every lesson on a life well-lived. Though we already miss him, we know that his spirit will always be with us. As a proud member of the Jewish faith, his final ask of us was to continue our trip to Israel. Ever the mensch, he left specific instructions for services to wait until our return.

With heavy hearts and tears in our eyes, we will dedicate our presence in this holy land to his memory. Here's what you need to know. In , Hillary Clinton came within a single percentage point of carrying the district, and the Democrats identified it as just the sort of affluent suburban district they have to win if they are to flip the twenty-three Republican seats they need to take over the House. There are several districts of this type in New Jersey, but the Eleventh has attracted the most attention … At some Republican events these days, maga caps can be seen everywhere.

But at the Hanover Marriott I spotted just one.

19 men arrested in child predator sting in New Jersey

It was atop the head of Roland Straten, a tall retiree who told me he had twice run and lost as the G. Then Webber went on the attack, suggesting that allowing the Democrats to take control of Congress would lead to higher taxes, sanctuary cities, and socialized medicine. Bill Nelson and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. A grand jury in Middlesex County handed up the indictments charging each of the officers with two counts of theft, two counts of official misconduct, financial facilitation of criminal activity and conspiracy, according to the county prosecutor's office.

Those charged included Sgt. Brian Rossmeyer, 41, of Bedminster. Thomas were disgusted to see Epstein, by then a man in his late 40s, flying with so many underage girls, according to interviews published by Vanity Fair magazine. Teterboro Airport sits in the floodplain of the Hackensack River, 12 miles west of Manhattan. It is a popular destination for corporate jets, which often ferry wealthy business executives and celebrities to and from New York City.

It operates as a reliever airport, removing smaller and slower aircraft from the congested flight paths of the region's three large commercial airports — LaGuardia, JFK and Newark Liberty. Most flights at Teterboro are coordinated by five fixed-base operators, private companies that operate as one-stop shops for wealthy plane owners. These operators handle everything from aircraft maintenance and fueling to baggage handling and hotel reservations for passengers.

Autopsy: Epstein suffered broken neck bones, reports say. Lawsuit: Jeffrey Epstein accuser sues companion Ghislaine Maxwell as alleged enabler. All workers at Teterboro Airport receive training to report suspicious activity to law enforcement, said Cheryl Ann Albiez, a spokeswoman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the airport. Members of the Port Authority Police Department patrol the airport, Albiez said, and are instructed to report matters, including sex trafficking, to the FBI.

The flight logs unsealed by a federal court judge Aug. Epstein's planes ferried underage girls from Teterboro to his various homes, according to allegations in court documents. The trips included one flight on Feb.

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Virginia Giuffre has claimed in various legal actions, including one as recent as April , that Epstein forced her to have underage sex with several of his associates, including Dershowitz. Investigation: Federal investigative team arrives at NY jail where Jeffrey Epstein died, will review if staff followed protocol. Dershowitz has aggressively denied Giuffre's allegations, calling her a liar.

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Giuffre responded by suing Dershowitz for defamation. In that complaint, Giuffre claims she was "regularly abused by Epstein and was lent out by Epstein to others for sexual purposes. Oral arguments in the defamation case are scheduled for next month. Dershowitz has filed a motion to dismiss. Another person who appears hundreds of times in the flight logs is Ghislaine Maxwell, a close friend of Epstein.

Maxwell has vigorously denied the allegations, and she has never been charged with a crime. The death of Jeffrey Epstein: Fact, fiction, confusion and a warden reassigned. Changes at jail: New York warden reassigned after Jeffrey Epstein's death; two staffers placed on leave. Both planes spent days on the tarmac at Teterboro when not in flight, according to the logs. Beginning in and continuing for several years, Epstein flew regularly to Columbus, Ohio, home to billionaire executive Leslie Wexner.

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