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If convicted of a misdemeanor, one can face up to days in jail. However, if convicted of a felony, the minimum punishment is twelve months in prison. No maximums are explicitly defined by state law and all crimes that are punishable by death in North Carolina are felonies. Misdemeanors are not nearly as serious as a felony in North Carolina, but that does not mean they are insignificant criminal offense.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

The state ranks these crimes into four different classes:. Unlike misdemeanors, felonies generally do not have hard rules set for punishments. However, all Class A felonies are punishable by death or life imprisonment. Sentences for lesser felonies can include a combination of fines, probation, and prison terms of any length. A judge on your case would take the seriousness of the offense into account as well as your previous criminal record.

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Additionally, the judge can also choose to suspend the sentence and impose probation or community punishment. Statutorily, Class A1 misdemeanors carry a maximum penalty of days in jail and a discretionary fine. For you to be considered for a day jail sentence for a Class A1 misdemeanor conviction, your prior record level for misdemeanor purposes has to be level III — i. Common examples of Class A1 misdemeanors include assault on a female, assault with a deadly weapon, assault inflicting serious injury, assault on a government employee, violation of a restraining order, and sexual battery.

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