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Give us feedback, share a story tip or update, or report an error. Most Read Latest featured news Copyright American Bar Association. The release policies can inadvertently impose life sentences on some offenders. Inmates who have been granted determinate Mandatory Supervised Release terms but have no suitable housing options on the outside can thus remain in prison until their parole term is up, at which point they are released without parole supervision.

Those with indeterminate supervised terms may never be released, even after serving their full sentences. Similar issues plague the criminal justice systems in many other states.

In New York, for example, restrictions on where sex offenders can live—such as the 1,foot buffer zone around schools—can keep many offenders behind bars. In Utah, a lack of treatment spots in a required program keeps inmates incarcerated longer. Most will eventually get out, even if it is well beyond their imposed release date. Juvenile Criminal Records From onward, Illinois will expunge [ Oct 6. During a discussion on gun control, a White House official questioned whether strict laws actually prevent gun crimes.

The official pointed out that strict gun laws across Illinois have [ Jun 1. Assault vs. Aggravated Assault in Illinois The topic today involves an exploration of the differences between assault and aggravated assault crimes in Illinois. The following sections will provide definitions of and penalties for both offenses. What is the Definition of Assault in Illinois? Essentially, a person commits assault when he or she [ During the suspension or revocation period, Illinois prohibits the driver from operating a motor vehicle. There are certain exceptions to this prohibition, including the restricted driving permit RDP.

May 4. Overview of Reckless Driving Crimes in Illinois Reckless driving is a traffic offense that is similar to driving under the influence. Illinois law prohibits both offenses in the interest of public safety. In order understand the boundaries of reckless driving in Illinois, the following sections will outline key definitions and penalties under the law. What is the Definition of Reckless Driving in [ Generally speaking, a criminal record is accessible to the general public, including family and friends, employers, banks and other organizations.

Consequently, a criminal record can lead to serious consequences, personally and professionally. In certain circumstances, [ Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm in Illinois One very serious weapon crime in Illinois is the aggravated discharge of a firearm. This offense is reserved for careless gun users who discharge their weapons haphazardly at other people. Given the extreme danger of these weapons, the state of Illinois specifically prohibits this type of dangerous firearm use. To understand the boundaries of this [ Outside of specific medical exceptions, Illinois law prohibits the delivery of cannabis.

Under the law, the term delivery refers to the actual or attempted transfer of possession of cannabis. Moreover, Illinois law does not require the presence of compensation or consideration [ Jun 8. What is Domestic Battery in Illinois? Commonly referred to as domestic violence, domestic battery is a crime that occurs between family or household members. To understand the boundaries of this offense, the following sections will break down the definition of and penalties for domestic battery in Illinois. What is the Definition of Domestic Battery in Illinois?

The definition of domestic battery [ Analyzing Burglary Crimes in Illinois Burglary is a scary prospect for any home or property owner. Not even the best locks or security systems can keep out determined thieves. That is why Illinois has strict laws against burglary. Burglary Laws and Penalties [ To gain a full appreciation of these laws, the following sections will outline definitions of and penalties for DUI and aggravated DUI. The Illinois definition [ Aug 3. In order to regain driving privileges, the offender [ Nov 2.

The Manufacture or Delivery of Methamphetamine in Illinois Recognizing that methamphetamine poses a serious threat to public health and safety, Illinois established the Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act. Codified as ILCS , this act makes it a felony crime to manufacture or deliver methamphetamine in Illinois. Distracted Driving and Electronic Communication Devices in Illinois Distracted driving is a dangerous reality that leads to an unfortunate amount of personal injury and property damage.

Recognizing this danger, it is unlawful in Illinois to text and drive or engage in other forms of distracted driving. Referred to legally as use of an electronic communication device, Illinois law prohibits the use of mobile [ Internal CPS documents revealed a total of reported incidents of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment in the past seven years.

Approximately of those reported incidents led to legitimate evidence of teachers and school employees committing [ The Zeigler City Attorney released a statement concerning this situation last week.

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Based on that statement, law enforcement arrested the volunteer firefighter on August 19th. The next day, the [ Jun Before the changes become effective, however, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner must sign each bill into law. In the meantime, the following sections will examine Illinois rules for medical marijuana and the proposed changes in each bill.

Medical Marijuana [ Jul 6. These devices monitor former DUI offenders to prevent further episodes of drunk driving. To gain a clear understanding of this legal requirement, the following sections will explore several frequently asked questions about BAIIDs in Illinois. What is a [ Right to Know the Charge After law enforcement issues a traffic ticket, the [ The first section will explore criminal trespass to vehicles, then vehicular hijacking, and finally, Aggravated vehicular hijacking.

A person commits criminal trespass to [ Aggravated Driving Under the Influence DUI in Illinois Although driving under the influence DUI of alcohol or drugs is a dangerous activity in every circumstance, certain situations are more extreme than others. When a driver exhibits such reckless behavior, he or she could face criminal charges for aggravated DUI.

For readers interested in reviewing Illinois laws and penalties for standard DUIs, please do [ Specifically, the Illinois Appellate Court declared that it was unconstitutional to ban loaded firearms from within 1, feet of any school. Factual Background This case dates back to November 20, Around p. Driving under the influence DUI of alcohol or drugs is one of the most common criminal offenses in Illinois.

Once a driver loses the ability to operate a vehicle carefully — and thus poses a threat to other people or property — then it may qualify as a DUI offense under Illinois law. What is [ Oct 5.

Life Behind Bars As A Convicted Sex Offender "Prison Documentary"

From grocery stores to museums to apartments and homes, anything of value is a potential target for thieves. Despite elaborate security systems and other devices, property owners always have to worry about theft. That is why Illinois law employs a [ Outside of limited exceptions for medical use, Illinois law makes it unlawful to possess, manufacture, or distribute marijuana.

The Cannabis Control Act the Act establishes the Illinois laws and penalties for marijuana, which is referred to legally as cannabis.

Illinois Statutes Chapter Corrections § 5/ | FindLaw

Definition of [ In Illinois and other jurisdictions across the United States, it is illegal to forge or otherwise alter valid documents for unlawful purposes. As most of the U. Consequently, there are strict penalties for forging or altering pieces of identification or [ The convicted DUI offender is not allowed to drive a car or operate other vehicles for a certain amount of time. This suspension period can apply to commercial drivers, [ This criminal record provides overarching details of all criminal activity, including but not limited to arrests, charges and convictions.

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The presence of a criminal record can have a negative impact on [ Similarly, it is unlawful for a perpetrator to force a victim into sexual conduct or penetration. Illinois law also provides specific protections for victims who are minor children.

From a legal standpoint, there are [ Distracted Driving vs. Reckless Driving in Illinois When a person engages in distracted or reckless driving, there is a substantial likelihood of physical injury or property damage. Illinois has enacted laws and penalties against both distracted and reckless driving.

Essentially, it is unlawful to operate a [ Jan 4. Illinois Sex Crimes: Grooming and Traveling to Meet a Child In order to protect the safety and welfare of children, the State of Illinois has strict laws in place against child sex crimes. These legal protections extend past physical contact and sexual acts, safeguarding children from the threat of potential predators.

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In the age of the Internet and digital communications, however, it is often difficult [ In certain severe situations, using fire or explosives can result in criminal charges for aggravated [ Dec 7. Three Variations of Robbery Crimes in Illinois Under Illinois law, robbery is a criminal offense that involves on stealing property by force or the threat of force. The circumstances of the crime matter greatly, as more dangerous conduct can result in charges of aggravated robbery or armed robbery. In order to understand the differences between these offenses, the following sections will explore [ Illinois and Michigan in Race for Legal Sale of Marijuana in Midwest With Michigan already on course to regulate the commercial sale of recreational marijuana, Illinois seems to be in second place in this race between Midwest states, reported the Chicago Tribune.

As of December 6th, Michigan officially legalized the recreational use of marijuana. The state has yet to roll out a comprehensive scheme for regulation, licensure, [ The Act will make Illinois the latest U. Louis man faces charges for criminal trespassing and several other offenses, according to the Belleville News-Democrat.

We’re Rethinking Prisons. Is It Time to Rethink Sex Offender Registries?

Approximately two days after Thanksgiving, the East St. Clair County. When the [ Mar 8. Illinois Court Rules Against Unlocking Criminal Cell Phones An appellate court determined that an Illinois man charged with illegal drug possession was not required to unlock his cell phone for police investigators, according to a recent decision from Appellate Court of Illinois, Third District.

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In terms of specific background information, this legal battle dates back to June At that time, the Illinois [ Outside of narrow exceptions, Illinois still prohibits the possession, use, and distribution of marijuana. Moreover, there are specific Illinois laws against and penalties for growing marijuana plants. Stated otherwise, underage drivers are not allowed to register any amount of alcohol in their system.