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Method 2. Contact the authorities.

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If you inform the police that your phone has gone missing, they may be able to provide limited assistance locating it. Call , or the non-emergency police number, to contact your local police office. Local law enforcement will likely ask you for the serial number for your phone. The Android ID number functions as a serial number; you can find your Android ID by removing the battery from the back of your phone and looking beneath. It went missing roughly 10 minutes ago, and I first realized the phone was gone when I was outside of the public library on Main St. Alert your service provider.

The service provider may be able to run a GPS search to locate your missing phone. This will prevent the thief from making phone calls and potentially racking up an expensive phone bill.

This is how you get your lost or stolen Android phone back fast

Look for the phone in person. Think back to where you may have been when your phone was stolen, and then retrace your steps in that area. Method 3. Enable Lost Mode. Even if your iPhone or Android is offline not connected to the internet , you can still remotely lock the phone. Any settings that you change on your device will take effect the next time the phone is online.

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Track your phone online. If your iPhone has been stolen, you can track its physical location online at www. This will bring up a map showing the current location of your phone. Lock your phone. This will disable the login mechanism, and make it so that the individual who stole your phone will not have access to any of your personal data or contact information. This will cause your phone to ring at its maximum volume for 5 minutes, unless you choose to turn off the Ring setting before that. The Ring function is useful if you suspect that someone may have taken your phone by accident or that the loud ringing will help you or another individual find your phone nearby.

Download a tracking app from the Google Play or Apple store. If you prefer not to use the Android Device Manager function to track your phone if it goes missing, you can also download one of many available tracking apps from the Google Play Store. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 9. You can track your smartphone by enabling its tracking app. Details on using these apps for tracking your phone are provided in Method 3 above. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. Whether or not the police prioritize looking for your stolen phone is another matter.

If a phone is turned off, it cannot be tracked until someone turns it on again.

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You can find out where it was turned off last, which shows where the phone was when it last communicated with the network, but this may or may not be where the phone is still. If you have an app that is able to turn the phone on remotely, this will allow you to again see where the phone is.

If you think the phone has been stolen, take preventive action, such as alerting your provider to place a hold on or cancel the account associated with the phone. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 4.

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You should simply report this to the police and your service provider. Without a GPS turned on, there is not much you can do. Your service provider should be able to track down the phone when it is making calls and sending texts. Call the police and tell them where it is. Not Helpful 15 Helpful Inform the police and your service provider. There is not much you can do if it's turned off, so the best thing you can do is try to shut down the plan connected to your phone and erase all data from it. Not Helpful 24 Helpful See if your service provider has a "family locator" service, or you can use another app such as CM Security Find Phone.

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Not Helpful 12 Helpful Use the Find My iPhone app. It can be accessed from any Apple device and will help locate the phone. If that doesn't work contact your service provider. There are a lot of anti-theft apps on the Google Play Store, which may be a lifesaver in case your phone is lost or stolen. Unfortunately, many people recall about such apps only when their phone has already been stolen. This feature is easy and convenient in use. It helps you easily locate your phone and keep all your information safe. Follow these simple steps to track your Android device.

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With the help of mSpy you will be able to:. There are three available options to track a stolen Android phone. First one gives you an opportunity to track your phone with the help of your Google account. Also you are able to make your phone sound as well as lock and erase it.

Track Mobile Phone Using IMEI number

The second one allows you to track your phone with the help of app installed on another phone. The third one allows you to monitor GPS location, geo-fencing, current location and route history. Choose the most convenient one according to your needs.